The Hybrid Experience

6-month Advanced Emotional Intelligence Program + Retreat

It’s time to step into your…………… version yet.


Say hello to,

The Hybrid Experience

A room where growing your EQ is inevitable.

The Hybrid Experience isn’t just any coaching program. It’s the crème de la crème of rooms to put yourself in if you’re ready to push past your self-imposing limits, grow your emotional intelligence, and build deep relationships with supportive, like-minded women.

In The Hybrid Experience, you’ll learn how to advance your current EQ skillset and create the results you want in your personal & professional life.

Welcome to the advanced room for emotional intelligence.

The support you get here is unmatched.

You truly get to have it all.

1:1 private coaching (Bi-weekly)

Together, you & I will coach to make sure you’re clear on what you want and how to get there. I’ll challenge your mind to think at higher levels and help you develop the skills to get you where you want to be.

Group Coaching (Bi-weekly)

Before you mentally “opt-out” thinking group coaching isn’t for you, I invite you to push past the doubt & discomfort. This ends up being a favorite aspect of the program and accelerates everyone’s growth. It’s worth it, I promise.

In-person luxury retreat

You will never quite understand the impact of meeting “your peers” in person until you’ve done it - It is life changing. Be prepared to feel shock when the “strangers” you met online 6-months ago feel like your sisters. I’ve been told by multiple clients, “I really don’t want this experience to end.”

Your Emotional Intelligence

Impacts every aspect of your life

In The Hybrid Experience, I help women create & live the lives they desire through emotional intelligence and self-awareness work. I consider myself an expert at helping clients deeply understand themselves and change what ISN'T working in their lives. It just so happens that in The Hybrid Experience, we do this work at an advanced level. Your mind probably hasn’t had to work as hard as it will here.

When you've been coaching hundreds of brains over the course of 6 years (hi, that’s me), you notice patterns in the human mind that keep people stuck. In The Hybrid Experience, my focus is on helping you find & break the patterns that aren't serving you. More importantly, to get your emotional intelligence skills where they need to be to create the results you really want. Personally and/or professionally.

​Our emotions drive everything we do (or don’t do) in our lives. They affect the quality of our relationships with others, with ourselves, our mental & emotional health, the amount of money we can make, our home life, our work life, our dreams, our goals, our stress levels... Literally everything.

In The Hybrid Experience you learn how to be the woman that creates the results you’ve always wanted in your life. You’ll unbecome the parts of yourself that are holding you back, and learn how to embody the powerhouse version that has been inside of you all along. Here, you’ll do the work before you feel 100% ready. The Hybrid Experience is designed to “push” you out of the comfortable stands and into the arena.

How it works

6-month commitment

When you join The Hybrid Experience, you’re committing to six months of deep-dive emotional intelligence work. In this room, you’ll be lovingly pushed to show up in ways you haven’t before. You’ll receive a custom workbook designed to help you learn new concepts, uncover subconscious blocks, and help keep you accountable & on track.You get to decide if one-round gets you where you want to be, or if you want to stick around for additional rounds to continue your growth.

Online coaching + luxury retreat

We coach every week via Zoom for 24-weeks but alternate between 1:1 & group coaching.

For example:

Week 1 - Group Coaching.

Week 2 - 1:1 Coaching.

Week 3 - Group Coaching.

As we wrap up the online portion of the program, you’ll then travel to our retreat destination for 4 days of in-person coaching + luxurious fun!


Dana’s Experience

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Rosemary’s Experience

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Kim’s Experience

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Maggie’s Experience

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Sarah’s Experience

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Elizabeth’s Experience

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Casey’s Experience

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Karen’s Experience

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Flavia’s Experience

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Your Questions,


How much is the 2024 investment?

$6,500 Pay-in-Full. This includes six months of coaching (a “hybrid” of 1:1 and group), and the in-person luxury retreat.

It’s a total steal.

I cover all expenses minus:

1. Your Flights/Passport

2. Any spending money you want to bring.

3. Activities you decide to do on your own.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! Typically during early enrollment or right before the program starts, you can join with a payment plan. Be sure to hop on The Hybrid Email list so you don’t miss announcements!

What kind of vendors do you hire?

This varies for each round but typically: A private chef, a photographer to provide portraits and group photos, makeup artists so you feel pampered and beautiful for your photos, and typically a few other vendors that provide self-care or special experiences for the group. I always give it my all to make it the best experience!

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